Woman & Success

Redefining what matters most
at home, at work and at play

The new release title by

Pollyanna Lenkic

Women & Success will take you on a journey of self-discovery. In this ground breaking book, you will read stories from successful and inspiring women and will begin to reflect and define what success means to you, and how you define yourself through the lens of success.

‘It has been said that we know ourselves by the stories we tell. In Women & Success, author Pollyanna Lenkic provides plenty of inspiring stories of powerful and successful leadership and gives the reader the tools needed to define and create success. The book is both concrete and inspirational! Don’t miss it.’

Karen Kimsey-House
Co-Founder The Coaches Training Institute and best selling co-author of Co-Active Coaching

‘Pollyanna Lenkic is brilliant at separating the humanistic from gender issues. Her take on Women & Success is practical, honest and fills me with hope for it's ability to rewire perceptions and redefine the challenge for increasing “women in leadership”.’

Matt Church
Founder Thought Leaders Global, Author of Amplifiers & Adrenaline Junkies,
Co Author of Sell Your Thoughts & Australian Speaker of the year

‘Pollyanna Lenkic is one of the most sophisticated coaches I know. In this book she's woven together the big picture from her Women and Success survey, personal stories from women like you, and her own coaching expertise to provide a manual that will provide both insight and the tools for action.’

Michael Bungay Stanier
Author, Do More Great Work & Senior Partner Box of Crayons

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