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Pollyanna is a coach, mentor, facilitator and speaker who works with leading organisations. Her purpose and passion is in helping individuals and teams to thrive, to create sustainable results aligned with their goals, and the goals and strategy of their organisation.

With a strong business background, Pollyanna understands results need to be realised and measured. At 24, she co-founded a specialist IT consultancy in London, which grew from humble beginnings to a permanent team of 18 with 100+ consultants and an annual turnover of £11 million. Today, Pollyanna’s focus is on building sustainable high performing teams, lifting employee engagement and developing people potential. Pollyanna’s structured approach delivers an uplift of 25% in team performance.

What would an uplift of 25% mean for your team and your organisation?

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‘At NAB, we've seen incredible results working with Pollyanna; an increased performance, commitment and honesty among team members, together with a desire to ensure we are a united and high performing team.

Pollyanna is an outstanding team coach. Implementing innovative and thought-provoking techniques, she guided us to improve our NAB team culture and assist us with strategies to sustain working relationships and performance over time. Her methods were challenging yet non-threatening to individuals. The results became evident in our recent internal survey where we scored highly on engagement and enablement. Pollyanna is a delight to work with and she shares her enormous wealth of knowledge generously. She has the capacity to think and reflect deeply, and is a warm and highly engaging facilitator.'

Paula Benson - EGM Corporate Affairs, National Australia Bank

‘The results of teaming with Pollyanna are self-evident, with significant year to year growth.

While working with Pollyanna, I found her guidance, challenges, insights, techniques and personal accountability invaluable. Pollyanna has facilitated creating a more positive and motivated environment in my team. The results of teaming with Pollyanna are self-evident with significant year to year growth.'

David Watt - National Sales Manager, Smarter Infrastructure, Software Group, IBM Australia

‘Pollyanna assisted me with progressing my career and, more importantly, helped me to understand and appreciate the value I can contribute
to the success of others.

I was introduced to Pollyanna through a corporate development program. I had been seeking a coach who could assist and guide me to uncover some of the ‘how’ aspects of my role and provide techniques to ensure this awareness about being more effective in my job didn't just finish at the theory stage.

I have had the privilege to work with Pollyanna twice now, initially helping to uncover my core truths and learn how to leverage my strengths. I have recently re-connected with Pollyanna for a new coaching program as part of my transition to a new role in Indonesia.

I would highly recommend Pollyanna to anyone seeking to:
1. Improve their own personal capability to match their technical skills.
2. Have that challenging conversation needed to uncover true areas to develop, and hidden strengths.
3. Work collaboratively with someone as your trusted advisor who will push you to find your outcomes but be sensitive to the environment you are operating in.’

Nathan Bell - COO, Telstra/Telkom JV

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